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Corner / Step & Side Detection Systems

UK Wide supply and installation of
Detection Systems, at your premises for your fleet of commercial vehicles

Side / Corner / Step Detection Systems

We offer a wide range of detection systems and solutions for your commercial vehicles for multiple options and products from all the leading suppliers.

The systems will let off an audible alert to the driver when objects are detected

We can provide quotes and installation at your premises UK wide.

Side Detection

The side detection system comprises of a row of sensors along the side of the vehicle that will pick up objects, people and cyclists.

Side Detection

Corner Detection

The corner detection is to protect the front corner of your vehicle for detection objects and people when turning.

Corner Detection

Step Detection

The step detection will protect the step of the cab and detect any objects or people in range.

Step Detection

Reverse Detection and Reversing Sensors
(LINK to reverse alarms)

The rear of the vehicle can be protected with conventional parking sensors that can be installed to protect the vehicle and alert of people and objects when reversing. You also have the option of white noise alarms, or rear audible alerts to people outside the vehicle, please find the links below.

Low Speed Trigger

The Low speed trigger is a CANBUS module that will connect to the vehicle and read the speed of the vehicle so the alarm only goes off at the speed and environment that you want. The modules usually can be programmed for various products and not just detection systems. They can usually be programmed at 10, 12, 16, 18, 20, 30 or 60mph.

FORS Accreditation Camera Requirement

The detection systems are a requirement for any FORS accreditation camera system you are requiring to have installed. Please click here for FORS specification and quotes.




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