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Dedicated Taxi Camera Solutions

Dedicated Taxi Camera Solutions
We have a range of options for taxis from a standard retail style camera for individuals with a choice of just forward facing camera, or with a rear camera, or with an internal driver/passenger facing IR camera. We also offer commercial grade cameras we have approved and used by Borough councils with bespoke programming specific to the taxi trade.

Thinkware Dash Camera

Commercial Grade Taxi Solution
We have dedicated commercial grade, and insurance approved cameras that are also tfl approved, and have been approved and installed by UK Borough Councils. These can be programmed for protection, to log an incident and activate audio with a choice of forward only, or with rear or internal IR.

Smart Witness KP1

Here is an article on a project we worked on with Watford Borough Council:

Watford Taxis CCTV

Retail Style Taxi Cameras
For individual drivers on a smaller budget you can use retail cameras just as well for taxis, many have apps you can control and view via the phone, and you can also have a choice of front only, or add a rear, or an internal camera which is IR.

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