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Forward Facing Accident Cameras

We have a suitable range of forward facing cameras for your commercial vehicles from lockable commercial grade insurance approved cameras, down to basic forward facing retail style cameras for smaller fleets.

Forward Facing Commercial Cameras
Commercial grade cameras are low maintenance, able to withstand long driving hours and usage with minimal involvement from your driver, they are lockable, commercial grade, hard wired and insurance approved with a range of options and features.
Forward Facing Cameras

Insurance Approved Cameras
Choosing the correct camera will have advantages with your insurance company. We can recommend a model and you can then contact your insurance company to discuss what benefits this will have to you.

High End Retail Style Cameras
We offer the best quality retail style cameras which may be better suited to a lower budget and for smaller fleets, you will save money and still get great features. The camera will need more maintenance on the SD card and software and may not be insurance approved, but will still give great protection whilst driving.
• Forward Facing Cameras
• Lockable Cameras
• Insurance Approved Cameras
• Retail Forward Facing Dash Cams

Contact us with your requirements and we will advise the most suitable camera/s from the leading brands available.





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