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Live & Connected Vehicle Camera Systems

UK Wide supply and installation of
Live Services & Connected Cameras, at your premises for your fleet of commercial vehicles

Live Services & Connected Cameras

We offer all the leading suppliers solutions when it comes to live services and connected cameras. These include connected support for SD card and software management, email alerts of incidents and camera issues, telematics data and reporting as well as video and image requests and live viewing remotely. All solutions are provided for.

We are registered suppliers for all the leading brands in the UK and recommend, quote and supply the best solution for your fleet, requirements and budgets giving a total independent and honest recommendation and solution.

Live View

Live Services – Vehicle Cameras

We offer a choice of live services from different suppliers and various packages for your vehicle cameras

Live Viewing

We offer live viewing packages with our cameras that can be supplied and fitted to your fleet. We would decide what cameras you needed and wanted for the vehicles and quote on data packages for you.

Live viewing gives you remote access to your vehicles whilst on the road to help you manage your fleet and its safety.


Telematics can also be provided with the cameras we supply to you, giving you a fleet management system showing you mapping, vehicle location, speed of traveling, reporting, driver behaviour, driver score and many other telematics features, this in sync with your camera footage and video gives you a full picture, total protection, ease of insurance claims and a first class service to your clients with on the spot accurate data.

Telematics Integration
Depending on what tracking system you are currently using we have cameras we can supply integrate into and with telematics systems giving you a full integrated system.

Dashboard Reporting
The software we provide with our cameras will provide you with dashboard reporting via your desk top to give you an instant access to vital fleet information to help you manage your fleet cost effectively and safely.

Live Cameras

Connected Cameras – Vehicle Cameras

We offer a choice of live services from different suppliers and various packages for your vehicle cameras

The connected cameras have so many advantages over a standard SD card camera. With a vehicle operating with an SD card these are often ignored and never checked; only to find when you need the footage it is not there, the camera has had a problem, or the SD card has failed and nobody knew. With connected services you are informed instantly of any problems meaning your fleet is always protected.

As well as live cameras we also have smaller packages which offer connected cameras. This means they are connected to your office via a modem and SIM card, but without the live access, saving you money but still giving you many advantages.

You can have a basic connection which will give you email alerts of events that occur with your fleet, allowing you to be activate instantly when an occurrence happens, meaning it can be dealt with straight away and footage retrieved and protected instantly without taking your vehicle of the road, this also give you lone worker and driver safety support.

Ad-Hoc remote Video Requests
We offer packages with our cameras which will allow you to request footage remotely from your office via the cameras on the road. You will receive video or photo footage from the date and time of your request, you can then analyse, use, or save that footage instantly without disturbing your driver or taking the vehicle off the road.

Updates / Incidents / Events / Alerts
The connected services, depending on package can include;

- Email alerts when the vehicle has had an incident
- Email alerts if the SD card has a problem or the camera/power has a problem
- Remote software updates sent directly to the camera
- Regular dial-ins and health checks of the camera

Connected or live cameras have so many advantages to help you run the camera fleet effectively and safely.

Forward and Rear Camera

Cameras & Monitors

We offer a range of Standard or HD quality cameras.

You can have and choose pretty much any camera and or solution for your commercial vehicles. Including:

We have many makes and models of cameras with live services or connected services we can offer and you can choose your cameras to suit your fleet and needs. It can be a simple forward facing only camera with an SD card, or a full all round 4 camera system and DVR with or without monitor.

 Monitor and DVR


SD Card Storage
For connected cameras you can go for an SD card based system. Having connected services means all the risks of SD cards are gone, so issues like SD card failure is picked up and you are alerted instantly, footage can be requested remotely as soon as the event has occurred so it is not lost or overwriting.

Hard Drive Storage
For Live services and multiple camera systems we recommend a DVR as this can handle the live facilities, the data reports and the multi camera recording, you would either go for a 1TB or 2TB hard drive usually.





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