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Reverse Alarms & Sensors

UK Wide supply and installation of
Reversing alarms, at your premises for your fleet of commercial vehicles

Reverse alarms

We have a wide range of reversing alarms for all commercial vehicles. Make your vehicles safe and alert those around you of your movement. The below options are available.

These reversing alarms omit a loud ‘beep, beep’ sound as you reverse your vehicle. Nice and loud and effective for alerting those that your vehicle is reversing.

These reversing alarms give a loud message of ‘vehicle reversing’ or similar, this gives a clear message to those behind the vehicle and makes people more aware and alert hearing a message over a generic ‘beep’

Bespoke message
These reversing alarms can have your own bespoke message dedicated to either your company, the environment you work in, or something unique to help when reversing.

White Noise / White Sound
The White Noise and White Sound alarms are the latest technology working on a broadband frequency, the noise is environmentally friendly so is only heard when in the direct zone of the white noise, rather than the ‘beep beep’ alarms which can be heard all around. Ideal for late night work, built up areas or residential, areas as these keep the noise restricted to direct zonal area of the reversing vehicle. They omit a unique and noticeable ‘ssh ssh’ noise.

Night silent reverse double notch engage
This reverse alarm feature can be used with the above options and allows for de activation with a double notch engage of the vehicle reverse to turn off when in sensitive areas or noise restricted work places.

Reverse Alarm

Parking Sensors / Reversing Sensors

Parking Sensors for your commercial vehicles are a vital extra to help with avoid accidents, damage, bumps and will save time on the road and costs of repairs. We have options below for all vehicle types:

Standard Reversing Sensors
These are ideal parking sensors / reversing sensors for cars and other vehicles that are not used for non-commercial use.

Parking Sensors

Commercial Reversing Sensors
These are commercial grade reversing sensors and made from rubber, as opposed to the standard parking sensors which are plastic. The reason for this is they are more forgiving when you use a commercial vehicle so less likely to crack or break if knocked when loading, also being rubber they are ideal for metal bumpers and frames as they do not false alert from the metal, unlike the standard parking sensors which clash with metal. These commercial grade reversing sensors are the most common for commercial customers and commercial vehicles.

Underhung Reversing Sensors
These are as above with commercial reversing sensors, however they come with a housing which allows them to be fitted underneath a bumper, metal bar or frame for those commercial vehicles that have a rear which cannot be drilled into.

Underhung Parking Sensors

Wireless Reversing Sensors
For vehicles that cannot have a suitable reversing sensor wired you can have wireless sensors, this is when the sensors (which are still wired and installed) communicate with the buzzer/LED display via wireless. Wireless technology is perfectly fine as long as you use high quality brands and products such as the ones we use.

Wireless LED Sensors

Rear Camera and Monitor

Wired & Wireless options
We have a good selection of high quality rear cameras with in vehicle monitors to avoid parking for your drivers. We have a wide range of camera options for all vehicle types and a selection of monitors for various options and sizes. As well as our standard reverse parking camera and monitors we offer wireless versions of very high quality and standards for excellent signal and response.

Camera and Monitor

We can supply all of the above UK wide with installation onsite. Contact us today for a quote for your fleet.




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