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White Noise / White Sound Reverse Alarms

White Noise Alarms / White Sound Alarms – We offer nationwide supply and installation. Contact us for a quote.

We provide a wide range of White Noise Alarms / White Sound Alarms with various dB frequencies and self-adjusting options for all parking environments and all styles of fleets and vehicles.

How it works

Only be heard where it matters with clever frequency technology

Using broadband technology the White Noise / White Sound alarms offer environmentally noise pollution friendly technology, giving a low level ‘ssh-ssh’  sound that is only heard when in direct danger of the vehicle, meaning surrounding areas are not exposed to the sound, ideal for built up or residential areas. The sound is also much clearer to determine of where it’s coming from with this technology over the standard ‘beep’ systems.

This technology is often requested on contracts such as UK Crossrail and is now the standard requirement on many worksites.

Key Features

- Highly Directional sound
- Gentler on the ears and environment
- Easier to pinpoint sound
- Works with all vehicles
- Various dB options available
- Self-adjusting options available (to automatically adjust to the environment they are in)

Ideal for

- Residential areas
- High noise environment
- All vehicles

White Noise Alarm
White Noise Alarm
White Noise Alarm





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